Migrating your Win7 Users directory off your SSD.


As I'm sure happens to many these days, you upgrade your main Windows 7 system drive to a new blazing fast SSD, but of course, you run into space issues (unless of course you're loaded and can afford the proper big ones, or have no media files at all) I recently migrated my inlaw's main PC from the old 1TB spinning platter SATA disk to a new 120GB SSD. This was great as the system speed has increased dramatically. And since we were upgrading the hardware we also took the opportunity to roll back the system to factory (and then apply the updates and drivers).

LG NAS N2A2DD2 Upgrade...


So quite some time ago I acquired one of these NAS devices with hopes of being able to power down my main machine and still download torrents and have some sort of central media storage for our TV shows and music etc. I recently discovered that there's a new GUI firmware available after ignoring it for a long time.

Upgrading PCs, the woes of IT...


Well, in light of recent issues with her old machine it was finally time to replace the wife's machine. It's been an ongoing issue, we knew it had to be done, but it seemed like all the newer PCs that were available were lesser machines than my main machine that I bought a few years back, but at the same price! I'm talking about a 500 euro desktop... I was hoping to find something a bit lower price as she doesn't need that much horsepower, just something a little more stable.

Kindle and Amazon greed


So we recently bought a Kindle (generation3) from Amazon. I was kind of disappointed that I was forced to use Amazon.com, as I usually buy most stuff from Amazon.co.uk, but I got over that pretty quick, especially when the overall price with priority shipping is a wee bit under the UK site converted to Euros.

SAKWiki Logo!


Some time ago an old friend of mine asked for some help on a few of his sites in need of updating. One thing he noticed was that the old logo for his website sakwiki.com looked a lot like a Danish flag...

old sakwiki logo

So I worked out the following as a new more modern logo:

EDCSource Logo


As part of a project to setup an auction website for estranged auction website users (the big one... we all know their name, but I'm not going to publicize them on here!) from the UK and abroad, a client of mine pushed this project into action for the knife and tool and outdoor community. So with complete freedom to design any scheme I came up with the following logo:

EDCSource.com logo by Micah Johnson

Internet update?


Seems they've worked on the lines a bit... after a total disconnect where I powered off the router for a bit, reconnecting to this seems to mean they actually improved the connection for once instead of it slowing down...


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