News and other info sites: - the real geek news source!
Wired - another real geek news source! - The best Multitool resource on the internet... be sure and check out the forums! - another geek news source, with no shortage of sarcasm ;)
The Daily WTF - the WTF source!
The Onion - entertaining twisted news (you can't really take this seriously!)
Penny Arcade - gaming related comic strip
Ctrl+Alt+Del - another fantastic gaming related comic strip
Xkcd - geek comic strip

Other interesting sites:
Blabbermouth - the metal news site

Design related web links:
Joomla - a great CMS!
Gallery - a great gallery program!
Drupal - another great CMS!
Prestashop - great Ecommerce software!
Rockettheme - Home of great Joomla (and other types) themes.

Some Sites I've worked on:
Swiss Army Knights  replacement for the old sosakonline swiss army knife fanclub
EDC Source auction website for multitools and other outdoor type stuff
Elcon Models RC car/parts website
Diva Satanica my wife's Spanish radio show website (no longer broadcasting)
Sex to 9 with Maria my wife's main metal radio show website
Official Enter Chaos Website

Some other links:
Totalrock - Rock & Metal Radio Station
TNT Radio Rock - Spanish Rock & Metal Radio Station - pab's slice o web.