Who are we?

In the beginning, I decided to spend a little time doing some webdesign stuff, and needed a place to throw up my test designs and what not. So I came up with "The Metal Network", a place for co-hosting, webdesign and more. Since it is obvious by that name that I like metal music, I decided to focus on that area.

Originally I worked for the rock and metal radio station http://www.totalrock.com in London UK as the webmaster/IT manager. It was a lot of fun, and a lot of work. I learned a ton about webdesign, and networking... I also learned that it's a lot more work sometimes than just one person can do. I spent a lot of time designing and implementing ways for other people with lesser knowledge to add content to what was at the time a HUGE website, with TONS of content. I had always intended to merge the site to a proper CMS driven version, but alas eventually, I had to leave Totalrock... much to my dismay...

During my time at Totalrock, I also managed my wife's website for her radio show - Sex to 9 with Maria - as she was one of the DJs there. Her website ( http://www.sexto9.com ) was the first DJ website on Totalrock, and had the most content, in fact, I think it still does as it's always growing. It has a tight knit community, including a forum. Many of her fans (the Sexto9er's) always contributing news, and telling us about new bands and albums they've discovered...

Also during my time at Totalrock, I encountered a Polish band named Enter Chaos with a female vocalist. They played music I liked, (although too many times she gets compared to Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy) and I decided to get in touch with them. While they had a website at the time, it was not up to date, and they had a lot of trouble with the webmaster, as he didn't update it as quickly as they liked. I offered my services, and soon took over as their new webmaster. Shortly before they released their second album, I completely redesigned the site with artwork from the album done by Niklas Sundin (http://www.cabinfevermedia.com), as well as moved it here to The Metal Network so that it would run faster, as the old server was rather slow/overloaded. Check it out here: http://ec.themetal.net

In the meantime, I have been working on some other minor sites, along with my friends over at Primerelay

Sex to 9 continues, as does Totalrock, although the design at Totalrock is no longer mine. Now I'm working on more and more websites, which you'll find out about soon on these pages.

--Stay Metal!