It never ends...

Well I've been rather busy... too busy to really sit down and write anything here! Lets see, there's been a steady stream of my regular updates to do for clients. I worked on a massive overhaul of the website helping them with a webshop to serve customers directly. I also took up maintaining/updating a local language school here in Pamplona.

What's been up...

One thing I forgot to mention is that about 6 months ago I made the leap to Linux from Windows XP... in particular Ubuntu Hardy Heron. It's been an interesting few months, and while I've made an effort to try and find suitable replacements for all my windows apps, I still have a few that I can't seem to ween myself off of just yet. However, I have my machine configured to dualboot, and Thunderbird is great as I share the same storage directory between windows and linux, meaning I'm always up to date with my emails regardless of which OS I'm using!

Site update

Please bare with me as I upgrade the site engine... no content should be lost, but functionality may be reduced for a while!

UPDATE: All should be updated... I don't think anything actually broke (except for the Roopletheme theme) so this look will stick for a while as I'm working on a total revamp of and a few other projects...

The saga continues...

Well the whole upstream problem started on the 25th April... here we are on the 21st of May, and no further forward. Speeds seem to go up and down depending on the time of day (both up and down). The technician came, did his tests, checked everything and left, saying it's a problem at the central, and that he has the same problem. They had promised that he would bring us a new wireless router, which didn't happen. A technician called the other day and tried to pass off the incident as fixed since we had 6gb of download traffic, and 200mb upload.

Looking for an ISP in Spain? Don't choose Orange!


Well I have to say, this is by far the worst "service" I've ever had from an ISP. I've tried to be patient, I've given more than fair time each time they've had issues. It takes FOREVER for them to react, and even when they do it seems to be a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. The call centers are useless. They run you through a useless list of items (which I told them I had already tried several times before we called) then they claim your PC must be infected with trojans.

Portfolio updated!

I've now added the Elcon Models website to my portfolio, as well as the new look Atheist website (it's gone GREEN!) I'm quite busy with some more projects, hopefully will have an update to post soon!

Ubuntu Studio on Virtual PC 2007

So I thought I'd fire up Virtual PC 2007 and try out Ubuntu Studio in a virtual environment before I go ahead and pollute a partition I have allocated for linux at some point with it.

Not the easiest OS I've installed, but it seems the Virtual PC environment has a lot to do with it.

I started by downloading Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 (it's free!) here:

Time flies when you're having fun!

Well, just got back from a few days in Barcelona, (the weather was fantastic!) trying to catch up on what I missed... I've been told that one of the projects I've been working on for a while is finally just about to be launched to the public! (replacing the older outdated website) As soon as it is definitely live I'll be adding a pic to my portfolio and the link!

Changed my mind :)

Ok, so I completely changed my mind as to what I wanted for this website, now switched to a customized version of whitejazz from Roopletheme! (

Seems whatever bugs there were before don't exist with this theme... the site will gradually change as I implement customizations... be sure and let me know if you find something broken ;)

Bear with me...

Ok, I realize it seems some things aren't working 100%, I've just upgraded and got minimal functionality back... I'll look at why lightbox doesn't seem to align correctly at some other time.

On the other hand, I haven't been slack with updates, just busy with piles of projects and working my other job... Hopefully things will calm down soon and I can get things sorted! in the meantime there is part of the gallery of my photos from BLOODSTOCK online over in the Sex to 9 gallery over [ here ]

Busy Busy Busy

Well as usual I'm doing too many things at once... quite a few projects on the go, none finished lol...

of note:

  • To help make the choice between Drupal and Joomla more difficult, I discovered
    Their themes for Drupal have way more configuration, mainly the regions like Joomla... I've been working on some variations of litejazz which once I get a little more polished perhaps I'll release as an addon pack or something... time will tell... in any case head over to the forums there and check out the support!
  • phpBB 3 is closer than ever to complete, and there's a great "black" theme project over here I'll
    definitely use that as a base for the updated sexto9 forum when they release the final phpBB 3.0 (currently rc4!)

And, if all that weren't enough, I'm getting ready for Bloodstock Open Air (, I'll definitely take a pile of photos and we'll be over in the UK for about a week in total.

More projects, more projects...

Well I've been busy! I have a new part-time job in an office, during week mornings which means I get out and practice my Spanish a bit! It's great since it allows me to have a steady income, and continue with my other hobbies & projects...

Lately (or not so lately now lol) I implemented another two of Carel's themes into ICT Center related websites... worked on a conversion of the Biltrivsel site for another Swedish company, and have been playing with a new design concept for

I've also been playing with the new PHPBB (3.x) beta... man it looks slick, can't wait for it to go final... As well as that, I've been testing out the new Drupal (5.x) and contemplating which I'll use for the new sexto9 site... Drupal or Joomla... it's a tough choice!


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